Incredible Edible


In October 2017 we launched the first of two 'Incredible Edible' gardens; open to all, with free food to pick and take home. Anyone who lives, works or plays in St Albans is welcome to be a part of them. We hope that they'll bring local people together, help us to share and teach growing skills, help pollinators and other wildlife, enhance the city centre and provide free food! Both gardens will feature forest garden planting, with a rich mix of different edible plants in close proximity, chosen to tolerate the shade under trees. Read more about forest gardening in our blog post here.

Come in and explore! We'll have regular 'Come and Grow' sessions there every few weeks, and you are also invited to help look after the garden any time (though you'll need to bring your own gloves and tools outside of our regular sessions) and to come and pick a little something to take home for dinner when crops are ready. Please be sure to read the safety notice on the site when you first visit.

If you'd like to join our email list for updates about the garden and forthcoming work sessions, please email Naomi at We're looking for volunteers for our steering group and to help oversee work at the gardens, so let us know if you're interested.

Come and help us plant and maintain the gardens! No previous experience is required - we can teach you all you need to know, and if you have any questions always ask. Drop in for a little while or stay all session. Please bring your own gardening gloves if you have them, but we have a few pairs in case you don't.

Children are welcome, but please supervise them at all times. We'd prefer if you didn't bring dogs to the gardens, but if you must then please don't allow them to foul. Please use city centre parking.

Saturday 27th Jan, 10am-1pm - Civic Centre
Sunday 11th Feb, 1pm-4pm - Civic Centre
Saturday 24th Feb, 10am-1pm - Russell Avenue TBC

This small garden will include a rich mix of berries, rhubarb, veggies and herbs, plus some edible flowers and some low maintenance perennial veggies you might not have seen before. Planting a garden in autumn means it won't look like much until spring, so please be patient while it grows!

The second garden is not open yet but will launch early in 2018. This plot is larger than the Civic Centre garden and will give us more space to include raised vegetable beds, a wildlife area and a flower border for pollinators. Much of it is shaded by trees, giving us the opportunity to create an edible forest garden which will include wild and shade-tolerant veggies and many perennial edibles.

Some local businesses have very kindly given us money or goods to help us get started on the gardens; HUGE thanks go to the following, and we ask you to support them as they've supported us!

We are still looking for donations, however, to help us buy raised beds, noticeboards and compost. If you know a company who might be interested in sponsoring us, please get in touch, or if you would like to donate to the project you can do so via the button below (no Paypal account required - Paypal will take 3.6% as their fee) or by asking us for the details to send a cheque.

Local groups, schools, churches and others are welcome to use the garden - get stuck in! Contact Naomi at the email address at the bottom of this page if you'd like help or guidance on what to do when you're there.

Here you can download the plans for the gardens, and various safety information.
Civic Centre garden plan
Civic Centre safety notice
Garden diseases awareness sheet
Manual handling awareness sheet

The gardens are owned by the St Albans District Council and managed by Naomi Distill on behalf of FoodSmiles St Albans. In case of any problems, or if you have any questions about the gardens, please contact Naomi at