One Plant Promise

Could you grow JUST ONE edible plant in 2020, and eat it?
Make the One Plant Promise!

Every single day, you have three votes to change the food system – breakfast, lunch and dinner! Our food systems play into many of the world’s biggest problems – pollution, waste, climate change, cruelty, soil-loss, extinction and more – but growing some of your own food gives you back a little control over where your food comes from, how it is produced and how far it travels to reach you. It’s also a useful skill to have, it's cheap and easy, it’s good for your health, it's great for getting in touch with nature, it can increase your resilience in times of trouble and it’s extremely rewarding!

In 2020 we’d like to challenge you to grow ONE EDIBLE CROP at home - and to eat it, of course! (How many of us have a languishing rosemary bush in the garden and still buy overpriced plastic-wrapped sprigs from the supermarket…?) You can grow it in a pot, in a growbag or in the ground outdoors, inside on a windowsill, on a balcony, on a front drive or anywhere you like. And of course you can grow more if you wish - one is a minimum - but one is a great start and every one makes a difference. 

Lockdown can't stop us - we'll be sharing ways to grow food with what you already have at home or can easily get on your food shop!

Share your progress on our facebook page or on twitter with #oneplantpromise - we'd love to see and to be able to share how everybody's doing! Like/follow these accounts for maximum updates!

It doesn't matter if you've never grown anything before - we'll be sharing helpful social media posts and a monthly email to guide you on your way.

And if you're a seasoned grower, we'd still love you to get involved so we can find out just how many people are growing their own in the district this year. You could share some tips, tell us about your favourite crop, or even take this as a challenge to grow one extra or new thing, or grow one for somebody else.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PLEDGE and fill in our short survey. You'll receive monthly emails from April to October with growing tips and articles. And then in October or November we'll send you another short survey to catch up with how it went.

Come on St Albans - join us this year to grow more food locally, learn a new skill, and reduce our impact, one step (one plant!) at a time! 

St Albans & District One Plant Promise is run by FoodSmiles St Albans in association with Grow Community Sopwell, Earthworks and Plot 31.

Grow Community - Sopwell is a local group of volunteers in Sopwell ward, St Albans, aiming to promote the benefits of sustainable food production, reduced food waste and wildlife conservation; and to encourage, enable and connect local residents.

Earthworks is a local charity working with and supporting people with learning disabilities to cultivate fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants using organic principles, and helping them to develop skills, build confidence, boost health and well-being. You can support their crowdfunder to install accessible eco-friendly toilets here.

Plot 31 is a drop-in community gardening club in Harpenden, growing flowers and food, encouraging people to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working outdoors in a beautiful and creative environment. 

FoodSmiles St Albans is a community benefit society where members work together to grow food and share the weekly harvest, and also manages two open-to-all 'Incredible Edible' community food gardens in St Albans city centre.